Custom Tailored Shirts With Best Fit & Style

Perfected to every inch, crafted for excellence. We single out every detail of your desired attire, and the way you want it. A blend of unmitigated care and diligent artistry is put to work that displays a new you.

We Understand Your Actual Needs

Customized Fitting

Make It in an Adequate Way

We Create Elegant Custom Clothing


Our collection goes way beyond our stores, narrowed by your imagination. We are the pioneers in craftsmanship, and when it comes to your perfect fit and style, we make no compromises on quality. Describe your choice and see it coming to life.


We understand you, and we respect your choice. Right from the first sew, till the hem of the cloth, our garments are made to give you the experience of the touch and feel of a perfectly tailored garment. The distinguished stitching is what makes us masters in our niche.


From fancy embellishments to preferential initials, we make every intricate design exclusively to suit you to a nicety. This progression is carried out by your desired choice or our personal inspiration.


Our classic craftsmanship is interpreted into modern style of Jackets with top-notch Fashion and Classic linings, all embellished with Corozo Buttons. With the epitome of fashion as our benchmark, our trousers are crafted for comfort & style. An extendable hook (first time in custom tailoring), superior quality waistband and a knee lining for a good drape, gives you a perfect bespoke feel. Bending technology to suit us best, we have crafted our shirts for optimal comfort and class, as it needs to serve you just right. Deo Tags are an additional feature that can be availed at an additional price for both Jacket & Trousers.